“I’m Ready for labor!…. Actually, I can Use Extra Time Baby, No Rush!”


36 Weeks And Counting:

Today I am 36 weeks and five days along, expecting my second baby boy! In the last weeks I have experienced a few signs that indicate my body is getting ready for labor. For instance, my lower back pain has definitely been an annoyance; difficulty to fall asleep due to the weight of my growing baby, not being able to stand for long periods of time, losing bits of my mucus  plug and I can’t forget the persistant pressure down there! Most people would tell me,”Relax girl! you are only 36 weeks, you still have over 3 weeks to go!” However, taking into consideration everything I’ve been feeling, I knew for sure that something was happening down there! And as I expected, there has been!

I strongly feel that second-time mothers possess this magical power to know our body beyond explanation— and I mean in the sense of more than just intuition. I’ve been saying that I will give birth soon and in most part it’s because I gave birth to my first son at 37 weeks. Even before my doctor performed my examination, I was betting in my head, that my reproductive system had already checked the marks- “Ready” and “Set” and was waiting for one more signal to perform “Go!”

As I expected, my doctor confirmed that my cervix has been preparing for labor and I am 3 centimiters dilated and 60% effaced. To give you a better mental picture, 3 centimeter is a tiny bit over an inch and the cervix needs to be 100% effaced and thinned out to be completely prepared for labor. Active labor commences after 4 centimeters and at 10 centimeters the pushing starts! So I am pratically in the early stage of labor! I’m just glad that the subtle pains and discomfort I’ve been feeling have not been in vain.  Evidently, my body has been working hard to get me to this point.

Nonetheless, I must admit that I feel torn. I remember wanting to rush time in order to see and flaunt my baby bump. Then, I was dying to feel my baby’s movements and little kicks. I wanted this so badly that I am pretty sure that during the early weeks of my second trimester I may have confused my baby’s movements with gas (geesh)! Nonetheless, now that I am reaching the finishline and I may be delivering any day now, I don’t want to rush time. I want my baby to come to this world when he is ready because I am already anxious for his arrival. Feeling torn leads me to the following questions:

  • Am I really really ready for baby after 8 years?
  • How would motherhood be this time around?
  • How easy/hard would it be to adapt to my new life, being a mom of two?
  • Would my labor and delivery be as easygoing as my first?
  • How will the dynamic of my family be affected by the littlest member?

Truth is that I won’t know the answers to any of these questions until the arrival of my sweet boy. For now it’s a waiting game in which baby calls all the shots.

In my future posts you will find out if my intuitions about going into labor within the next week or two are on target.

Please feel free to let me know of your third-trimester story and what transpired during your labor and delivery.

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I am a mother and a teacher. I have never felt the urge to create a community for mothers and moms-to-be as I do now. We live in a society where there are so many unrealistic expectations for mothers and I needed to create a platform to share my unshamed and unapologetic testimonies about being Mom.

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